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Wiz Khalifa Announces Tour Following Album Release

Wiz Khalifa Announces Tour Following Album Release

Wiz Khalifa, one of contemporary music’s biggest names, made an announcement in early September that perked the ears of fans across the world. On the cusp of his sophomore album’s release, he would embark through 36 North American cities for The 2050 Tour, the second major concert series of his career. 

Between October 12 at Pennsylvania’s University Park and December 5 at George Mason University’s Patriot Center, the Pittsburgh native will be joined by fellow Taylor Gang members, Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe, Tuki Carter, and Berner, for what promises to be a must see show for rap fans everywhere.

An Experienced 25-year-old

Wiz Khalifa’s reputation as a worthy act to see on tour is constantly escalating. He’s performed at such notable concerts as the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, Soundset in Minneapolis, and the international rap festival, Rock the Bells.
Khalifa has also led his own tours: “Waken Baken,” and “Deal or No Deal.”
This week, it was announced he would headline the SnowGlobe Music Festival, a three-day event in Lake Tahoe leading up to New Year’s Eve.

A Delayed Sophomore Album Lingers

As Khalifa prepares himself for the The 2050 Tour, the release date of his much-awaited sophomore album, O.N.I.F.C. is still unknown. He recently told MTV News that despite a bit of friction between himself and Atlantic Records, regarding the type of sound the album should have, “O.N.I.F.C.” is finished and will be released at some point in 2012.

Comparing the new release to his first album, Rolling Papers, which peaked at number two on the Billboard Top 200 list, Khalifa says: "You can just expect it to be more musical. All the elements that you're used to getting from a quote-unquote 'Wiz project,' you're gonna get every last one of those elements, whereas I feel like the first album lacked some of those elements."

A Self-Made Success Story

You can count on one hand the number of current rappers who make leaping back and forth between the rap/mainstream line look easier. Khalifa’s ear for creating crossover hits is undeniable, from “Black & Yellow” (which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart) to his newest single “Work Hard, Play Hard.” The way his hits intertwine original flavor with effortless mainstream appeal can’t be duplicated.  

What separates Khalifa’s resume from most other musical acts is the way he built himself up through the mixtape circuit. Before signing with Atlantic Records, Khalifa managed to establish himself by distributing his own music for free online and increasing an already sizable fan base. More than a few other artists have started down the same path, but not many have reached Khalifa’s superstar level. Catch this unparalleled success on his upcoming tour with concert tickets from ConcertTickets.com.

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