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ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #9

ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #9

Bring on the newbies, please!

Like most music enthusiasts in kind, hearing the same "party anthems" each and every weekend while out on the town really grinds our gears. We prefer to practice the repeat-free, "Oooh, what's THIS?!" kind of lifestyle, which is why we are adamant about helping the cause and trying our best to make sure everyone else follows suit. 

Each week, we spend ample time listening to and selecting our favorite tracks, which ultimately fill up our exclusive "Ten."

And, because we're sick of time-warping every weekend, our latest installment was carefully crafted and put together with pure emphasis on one word:


Of course, we can't promise 100%-never-been-heard for all of you music lovaaaas out there, but we can proudly say that, for us, 80% of these tracks are done by artists and/or producers that we haven't listened to before.


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