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ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #2

ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #2

It's time for dose number two of Ten Track Tuesday. Our goal is to always mix it up, and this week, we're really delivering. You'll get a steady mix of upbeat tunes in a unique fashion.

First, some funk and future pop. Then a bit of trance. A hint of house. And then a little indie folk, to finish it off.

1) Funkshin - A Technicality
[via My Music Is Better Than Yours]

2) Little Daylight - Overdose (The Chainsmokers Remix)

3) Mt. Wolf - Shapeshift

4) MusicDefinesGravity - To Hell With It
[via Forward Beats]

5) Revolvr - Push

6) Emika - Wicked Game

7) Of Monsters and Men - Skeletons (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
[via From Go to Whoa Blog]

8) STS9 - Beyond Right Now - LIVE - 3.17.13

9) Zebo - The Way The Deep

10) City and Colour - Of Space and Time
[via The Music Ninja]

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