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ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #12

ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #12

We couldn't be more excited about the mix of tracks we've put together for this week's Ten Track Tuesday. Running just over 1.5 hours, it's the perfect blend of hard beats, bass, melodies and mind-blowing vocals.

We kick off week 12 with the follow-up you've been waiting for, The Vol. 2 to the Vol. 1 we've listened to a good 500 (yes, seriously) times since it dropped a few months ago.

If you're in the AC Fan Club with us, then you're just as stoked about yesterday's release of Superheroes Anonymous Vol. 2.

Immediately following Superheroes, be ready to be mesmorized by PeaceTreaty - In Time (Singularity Remix). The rest of the mix continues to pour on the energy, keeping you upbeat and focused but also nicely balanced. 

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