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ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #1

ConcertTickets.com | Ten Track Tuesday: #1

Introducing ConcertTickets.com's Ten Track Tuesday, a weekly selection of 10 of the freshest tracks that we're listening to right now. You know, the ones we've got looped to play throughout the day and tend to cause us to reach 'volume max' on our earphones. We're pretty passionate about music over here, so there's never a lack of new tunes being shared around the CT Headquarters. And now, we look forward to sharing them with you, too.

Look for a new set to drop on our Soundcloud page every Tuesday.

1) Zeds Dead - BBC Radio Essential Mix
via ThisSongIsSick.com
CT tip: If you don't have time for the full 2-hours, skip to the 71:25 minute mark and enjoy from there. It gets REAL good. Trust us.

2) Vicetone - Heartbeat ft. Collin McClaughlin
via Good Music All Day

3) Blood Diamonds - Barcode ft. Dominic Lord (Figure Remix)

4) Lets Be Friends - Pull Up Your Finger
We received this recommendation from our friend and fellow musician, DJ A. Mic. It was love-at-first-listen.

5) Madeon - Live Triple J Mix

6) Rihanna - Stay (Marius Horsturz)

7) Stars - Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It (Sem Thomasson Remix)

8) James Egbert - Back to New (Original Mix)

9) Last Lynx - Killing Switch (Sound Remedy Remix)

10) The XX - Night Time (Kicks n Licks Remix)
CT tip: While this one starts off slow, just wait. Around the :39 second mark, it begins to speed up, eventually erupting into big beats full of deep ranges and vocal blends. There's an overall up-and-down flow, kind of like ocean waves pulling and tugging. And just as it begins to slow, and seems to be floating out, it picks up. The wave rises, again. Even in parts without vocals, the emotions run strong and heavy, and when the vocals do transition back in, they rise out of the song seamlessly, without missing a beat.

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