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Swift, Gaga, Clapton and The Who to Lead 2013 Concert Season of Superstars

Swift, Gaga, Clapton and The Who to Lead 2013 Concert Season of Superstars

What’s on tap for 2013? Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, The Who, Carrie Underwood, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Mumford & Sons, One Direction, Rihanna, Pink, Maroon 5, No Doubt, and the Rolling Stones are just a few of the acts that have already confirmed or are likely to tour next year.

“It’s pretty healthy,” says Randy Phillips, chief executive of AEG Live. After 2010’s disastrous summer season, where a poor economy and over-priced tickets kept fans from attending shows, it’s safe to say that the concert business has rebounded.

"2010 was a year of recalibrating the business," says Jim Guerinot, manager of No Doubt, who are likely to perform next summer. "I think it's in great shape. The one big message that's kind of gotten through is people are pricing their tickets appropriately."

While we’re still finishing up the 2012 season, next year’s calendar is already jam-packed with superstars. So far, confirmed tours include the following:

● Taylor Swift (March-September)
● Lady Gaga (January-March)
● The Who (through late February)
● Carrie Underwood (February-May)
● Bon Jovi (February-July)
● Eric Clapton (March-April)
● Mumford & Sons (through mid-February)
● One Direction (June-August)
● Rihanna (March-May)
● Pink (February-March)
● Maroon 5 (February-April)
● Zac Brown Band (January-August)
● Swedish House Mafia (February-March)
● Jason Aldean (February-July)

But the list doesn’t end there. Sources have confirmed to Rolling Stone that major acts including No Doubt, Justin Bieber, Aerosmith, Phish, Dave Matthews Band and Nicki Minaj will all be on the road in 2013 as well.

In addition to those already confirmed, our 2013 wildcards include Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Elton John, Usher (he's confirmed for Europe), Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart (possibly with Steve Winwood) and Linkin Park.

As far as the Rolling Stones go, AEG’s Phillips believes the legendary rockers will likely regroup after their four upcoming shows in Newark, NJ and London before making a formal decision on 2013.

"They haven't agreed to tour yet," he says. "Right now, as we were told, these four shows are going to be it for the 50th anniversary, then they're going to decide what they're going to do afterwards."

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the Stones, but even without, we’re sure that 2013 will be a phenomenal year for concert goers of all ages.

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