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San Diego is for Deep House CRSSD-Lovers

San Diego is for Deep House CRSSD-Lovers

Meet festival newbie, CRSSD, which debuted to the scene March 14th -15th, 2015. The backdrop? San Diego's Waterfront -- gorgeous, sunny skies with yellow brights reflecting on the water; later, the golds come out as the sun sets and the aquas start to glow -- all while dancing the time away, spread out, frolicking across the greens.


Underneath the stars, these Deep House CRSSD-lovers united.

Our favorites? Party-animal Aussie Thomas Jack took us away into a tropical paradise. Killing it, as always was Trippy Turtle (who we fell hard for at Splash House last August .. seriously though, how could you ever get enough of that turtle onesie? ... DRIIIIP!)

The most memorable? ODESZA, hands-down. Yes, it was the build-up, looking-forward-to show of the weekend since it was our first time seeing them. We were left mesmorized, all while continuing to bouncing around the grass amongst others, each in his or her own special world, but looking around, you knew everyone was feeling the same state of estatic glee, acknowledging without words how great of a performance they just saw. 

Big plus? 21 and up. YES. It makes a [HUGELY AWESOME] DIFFERENCE.

Cons? The only issue we saw was the unbalanced lineup -- it was heavily stacked on Sunday, but we anticipate next year will be different and more equal, as more talent will join on.

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