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Punk Music Festivals

Punk Music Festivals

While there are plenty of music festivals catered to fans of electronic music and mainstream alternative rock, what about one of the oldest and most prominent music subcultures: punk? While fans of punk rock may feel left out when it comes to music festivals or touring music events, the truth is, some of the oldest and most successful music festivals have been geared towards punks. Below is a short list of some of the most popular punk rock music festivals in the United States!

Warped Tour

If you grew up in the 90s and loved music that wasn’t being played on the radio, chances are you’ve been to Warped Tour or at least heard it mentioned in the Blink-182 song “Girl at the Rock Show.” Since 1995, a visit to Warped Tour has made up the summer plans of teenagers and young adults nationwide, and it has since become one of the largest touring music festivals ever. While some have criticized the tour for “popularizing” punk music, others have lauded it for giving kids a way to experience and find out about new music. In the past, groups like the Offspring, NOFX, Bad Religion and Reel Big Fish have all played the tour.

Punk Rock Bowling

Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival began in 1999 as a way to bring the independent music community together for an annual party. The event is a three day outdoor music festival which starts in the late afternoon and features eight bands on each day. In addition to great music provided by bands, like Rancid, Hot Water Music and The English Beat, the festival features a bowling tournament, pool parties, and plenty of fun for all involved. If the eight bands aren’t enough for you, there are four late-night club shows each night, providing a smaller and more intimate opportunity to catch your favorite bands.

The Fest

The Fest is an annual three-day event held over Halloween weekend which hosts over two hundred bands in a handful of venues throughout Gainesville, Florida. Each year, the event grows bigger and bigger, with previous festers joining first-timers for a weekend of punk rock music. In addition to the official shows in the venues, The Fest is known for unofficial house shows and booking the entire Holiday Inn near the University of Florida for a weekend of sex, drugs, and rock & roll! Artists like Against Me! and Alkaline Trio have played the event in the past, and the music festival funded by Pabst Blue Ribbon has grown to be a staple of Gainesville culture.

Whether you’re a punk rock fanatic or just enjoy live music, one of these music festivals is sure to exceed your expectations. So dig through your drawers for that safety-pin skirt and rifle through the medicine cabinet for your Mohawk hair gel. Prepare yourself to enjoy one of the best punk rock festivals the United States has to offer! 

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