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Phish Announces New Year's Eve Stint

Phish Announces New Year's Eve Stint

Phish, one of the most legendary jam bands of all time, is planning on making a four show return to Madison Square Garden this December. The tour will go straight from December 28th to the 31st, culminating in what’s sure to be an amazing New Year’s Eve performance.

Since forming in 1983 as students attending the University of Vermont in Burlington, Phish has grown into one of the most successful touring groups in the history of music. Many of their closest fans, or “Phish heads,” have been known to follow the band on summer long tours spanning the entire United States.

The floor, at these four Madison Square Garden shows, will be general admission for the first time in the legendary arena’s history. In Phish’s near 30 years of making music, they’ve performed 23 shows at Madison Square Garden. Using ConcertTickets.com, you can be apart of their next four. 

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