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NERO Mind-Blowing Show at Greystone

NERO Mind-Blowing Show at Greystone

On Saturday night, the CT squad made our way out of Venice and back up to Hollywood again, filling up on tacos and grabbing a bottle of Don Julio on the way. We toasted to Don, with ‘Welcome Reality’ echoing in the background. Between rounds, we paused our conversation to have our own individual dance parties. As we topped off and said ‘adios’ to Senor Julio, we were radiating with excitement and anticipation. With one last glance at our sexy attire, the guys grabbed their jackets and tickets as Mary and I strapped on our heels. Passing around a pack of crushes as we reached Melrose, we were off on the quick walk to Greystone Manor.

As we approached the venue, I could see a slight line had already formed outside around back. As an L.A. newbie that comes with a background in Chicago club scene, this line was nothing near intimidating. Plus, it was a breathtaking California evening. My heart skipped an anxious beat as I realized we’d be inside within minutes.

Upon entrance, you are momentarily wordless. You cannot help but do what the One Republic song says best: stop and stare. First things first: Greystone Manor’s decor is stunning. Bulbed chandeliers illuminate gold as the neon lights send sparkles around the venue. The inside layout is crafted beautifully, allowing for balanced flow and movement, in and around the venue.

As stunning as the decor is also Greystone’s staff. We stopped and introduced ourselves to two striking barmaids, and then made our way to the table. After a couple bumps and few cubes lost from my tequila concoction, I found that we had stopped moving and had begun to get situated. Glancing around, I subsided, finally letting my sensations take control and begin to soak in what was going on around me. My icy glass slipped slightly as I realized where we were: directly next to the turntables.

Joyously overwhelmed, I threw up a ‘CHEERS’ to our crew. Taking back deep, refreshing sips of our beverages of choice, we let it soothe our mind and ignite our minds as we mentally prepared for what was to come.

Mind-blowing beat after mind-blowing beat, NERO blasted the walls of The Greystone as they tore the place down. Surrounded by a crowd tinkering more in my 27-year age range, the energy was at an ultimate high. Dancing. Pumping. Thrusting. Grooving. Everyone was on their feet; everyone was going hard. Among other things, the time melted away and before we knew it, NERO was transitioning off and another group was coming on. Without discussion, just the clinking of glasses, we collectively decided to stick around longer. It was clear we were all on the same level. After experiencing NERO, your body needs time to come back down. Our dance party was nowhere near over, and we continued to bounce to the recognizable tracks played by the house DJ into the early morning hours.

The next morning over brunch, we reminisced about the show and what we had experienced together. While shoveling down my food, I could feel the group’s energy began to pick up again as our bodies began to slowly rejuvenate and recover from just hours before. Half-way through the meal, we were sent into a fit of giggles when my friend Johnny said this: “You know you’re close when you’re asked to ‘move over’ by the guy blasting the graffiti gun.”

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