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Muse Forges Ahead with The 2nd Law

Muse Forges Ahead with The 2nd Law

Muse may have technically formed as a band in 1994, but their growth into international superstardom is just beginning to show. The band recently released their sixth studio album, The 2nd Law, which may be just what was needed to finally seal their fame.

For those unfamiliar, Muse is a British trio comprised of Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Christopher Wolstenholme. Their first album, Showbiz, was released in 1999. Throughout their time as a band, the group has been compared to such uber-successful acts as Radiohead and Queen, and their recent worldwide fame has them approaching levels of triumph similar to household names, like Coldplay and U2.

With The 2nd Law—released in North America on Oct. 2nd—it appears Muse is more than prepared to grab the torch from U2 and Coldplay’s hands and run far ahead with it. To date, they have sold over 15 million albums and won a Grammy for Best Rock Album, for their last studio album The Resistance. This latest album will surely increase their popularity along with fortifying their place amongst the world’s great musical performers.

An Innovative Process

Instead of picking up where The Resistance left off, Muse decided to go in another direction by creating new sounds and giving fans never-before-heard samples. The result is an intriguing risk that would deserve applause even with a swing and miss. Muse doesn’t swing and miss, though. They hit one out of the park.

In The 2nd Law, Muse has done something Coldplay and U2 never have by stretching themselves into another dimension, splashing into the experimental music styling known as dubstep. Dubstep can be heard in the album’s sixth track “Follow Me,” which also features a sample of lead singer Matthew Bellamy’s new born baby’s heartbeat. Not many bands can pull off such an experimental transformation, but Muse does. Their sound is evolving and inclusive.

Overall, a Strong Effort

Apart from “Follow Me,” the album is loaded with standout anthems that are more typical of the Muse sound most fans have come accustomed to hearing. The lead single “Survival” was also used as the official song for the 2012 London Olympics.

Muse hits home with a slew of tracks, including the album’s second single, “Madness,” as well as “Supremacy,” which shoots the albumstraight into the listener’s ears with a bold guitar riff.

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In previous albums, Muse dabbled in heavy metal, classical, electronica, and progressive rock. The 2nd Law shows they’re continuously fearless in changing their sound, while still bringing heavy anthems that won’t disappoint early fans. With ConcertTickets.com, you can check out one of the world’s most popular bands hit their stride in person.

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