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Matchbox Twenty Debuts Video For

Matchbox Twenty Debuts Video For

I got very excited when I received an email touting a new video for Matchbox Twenty's brand new single "She's So Mean." Then I realized I was thinking about Ben Folds Five, an entirely different numbered band name that hasn't brought us an all-new album in about a decade. I tried to think of the last time I'd even heard from Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty. My first thought was that episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where Dennis meets Rob Thomas and Sinbad in the nut house. Musically, it probably goes back even further. I'm sure there's more than one Rob Thomas solo single that you could play me and get an "ohhhh, OK....yeah" out of me. However, the last song I could name with Rob Thomas is Santana's "Smooth."

Jokes aside, "She's So Mean" reminds me why Matchbox Twenty was a part of the music intake during my formative years. It's got a nice guitar riff that sticks from the onset and a chorus that you can sing along and bob your head to...if you were so inclined. However, it teeters on the edge of Adult Rock. I can see a generation older than me, who listened to Matchbox Twenty in college, playing this in their minivans while driving carpool. You know, that time before the kids get out of school when all the parents wait quite impatiently for their brood. After that, it's Bieber time.

The video features a femme fatale smashing a guitar, setting the drums ablaze and one of the best record throwing scenes since Shaun of the Dead. The new album, North, drops September 4th. I can't say that "She's So Mean" is going to be a regular in my late-summer listening rotation. It is enough to get me curious about the rest of the first all-new album from Matchbox Twenty in a decade.

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