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Lady Gaga Hits the World Stage

Lady Gaga Hits the World Stage

Radical pop sensation Lady Gaga is at it again with her Born This Way Ball tour, slated to hit 25 countries by the New Year. The tour comes in the wake of her smash hit album, Born This Way, which solidified her as one of pop culture’s biggest icons. The tour plans to hit approximately 110 stages by the time it wraps up in March, 2013.

The Tour Begins

Launched in Seoul, South Korea, the first show was performed on April 27th, 2012. So far, Lady Gaga has held performances all over Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and is currently in the midst of her European leg. By early October, the Born This Way Ball will arrive in Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, before taking a three-week timeout and returning in South America and South Africa later in the month.

Coming to America

In early September, the pop icon released official dates for the North American leg of the tour, after months of anticipation among her many American fans. January 11th will see the first show on the continent in Vancouver, Canada, after which Gaga will perform in 23 different cities all over the United States. These dates, while official, are expected to be augmented by more shows in the U.S. – many more, if her last tour, Monster Ball, is any indication. When the Born This Way Ball tour eventually comes to an end, the singer-songwriter plans to buckle down and put the finishing touches on her next album, ARTPOP, which is already in the works.

A Live Legend

As expected, this tour will feature a sky-scraping level of classic Gaga-theatricality and avant-garde flamboyance. Just like the album, the tour highlights social themes, like immigration, sexuality, feminism, and religion, as well as less political themes, like personal liberty, equality, and individuality. The singer’s costumes and set pieces have attained a whole new level of elaborateness, at times representing alien entities, three-story mechanical horses, medieval castles, bathtubs, motor-tricycles, and gun bras. Don’t forget Lady Gaga’s passion for meat products; this tour will feature a meat grinder and a replica of the infamous meat dress worn by the artist at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. All costumes for the tour – a grand total of fourteen – were designed by Armani, Versace, and Moschino.

Fans or not, everyone who is even marginally familiar with Lady Gaga’s work must admit that a Gaga shows is nothing short of a spectacle. Don’t miss out on a chance to catch this cultural phenomenon onstage at any of her U.S. shows! Find tickets immediately at ConcertTickets.com and see the most talked-about live performance of our era up close and personal.

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