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Duo Matt & Kim Release New Album

Duo Matt & Kim Release New Album

The Brooklyn based synth duo Matt & Kim have no interest in hitting the mainstream. But since their 2006 debut album Matt & Kim, the two have carved out their own niche of followers. Success has come not only by knowing how to start a party, but in achieving the difficult task of keeping it going.

Matt & Kim first formed in 2004 when Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino met as students attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Two years later, the duo began recording their first album. The self-titled independent release led to performances at Lollapalooza, the Siren Music Festival, and a few other high profile events.

But all the touring and promotion didn’t give the band half as much exposure as their 2009 music video for the song “Lessons Learned.” In the video, the two strip down and nakedly run around Times Square. It eventually won the Breakthrough Video award at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards and catapulted the group into a new stratosphere of success.

Following three albums of their signature hip-hop indie genre bending style, the duo’s fourth album offers more of the same. If you liked their 2010 album Sidewalks (which peaked at 30 on the Billboard 200 chart), then Lightning will be right up your alley. The album’s first track and first single, “Let’s Go,” has been heard everywhere since debuting earlier this summer. It’s a perfect microcosm of what the band sounds like: loud, engaging, easy to move to, and overall, quite delightful.

Unfortunately, this single and the nine following have little to offer beyond what we already know of the band. While the release of a new album should indicate a new arena of possibility for the artist, Lightning simply solidifies the group’s one-dimensional ability to blur the line between commercialized pop music and indie sentiment.

Clearly Matt and Kim are talented musicians, but in terms of stretching themselves as artists, Lightning gives us very little of what we haven’t already heard. In fact, the album even gets a little repetitive. While this may be disappointing to critics, many fans are glad to be getting more of a good thing.

Most of the criticism this album will face is arbitrary for most Matt & Kim fans. And as far as contemporary popular music goes, they remain the definition of fun. Seeing them in person takes their club happy sound and extrapolates it into an upbeat evening of dancing and good beats. Using ConcertTickets.com, you can purchase Matt & Kim tickets and see the Brooklyn duo live. Take the opportunity to form your own opinion on this highly-anticipated fourth album, and let us know what you think! 

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