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Dave Matthews Band Releases New Album

Dave Matthews Band Releases New Album

The Dave Matthews Band is known as a longstanding manufacturer of relatable, quality music, but more importantly, as the defining concert group of its generation. With nearly 20 years of sold out arenas and skyrocketing live concert album sales, it’s obvious that fans don’t get tired of hearing the same Dave Matthews Band songs played over and over again live. Regardless of its onstage appeal, the band’s innovative talent shouldn’t be understated. When Dave Matthews comes out with a new album, it’s very, very big news.

Continuing Chart Topping Success

On September 11, the group released Away from the World, the band’s eighth -studio album. To nobody’s surprise, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, making Dave Matthews Band the second group in history to debut five straight albums at number one. The release also marked 40 million record sales since Under the Table and Dreaming was released in 1994.

A Call Back To Their Foundation

After all these years, it’s still difficult to pin down Dave Matthews Band in any specific genre. It’s a rock band, sure, but it’s also been identified with bluegrass and funk. The band’s sound and lyrics have always been relevant and meaningful, with themes of love, peace, and good will running through every song. In addition to mastering popular music, this is probably why the group continues to thrive as an ongoing worldwide phenomenon.

On Away from the World, the songs ring with nostalgia. The album was produced by Steve Lillywhite, who hasn’t worked with the group since 1998’s Before These Crowded Streets. His influence can be heard on such standout songs as “Broken Things” and “Belly Full.” The album centers around introspection and love, as Matthews croons about falling into and out of relationships on most of Away from the World’s 11 tracks. Overall, it’s a call back to where the band came from and how it got started, and it makes for one incredibly powerful listen.

One of the Greatest Concert Experiences Ever

After unexpectedly taking the summer of 2011 off from touring, Dave Matthews Band will be hitting the road this winter to promote Away From The World. This tour will bring the band back to the roots of what made it so beloved throughout the world over these past 18 years. Use ConcertTickets.com to purchase Dave Matthews Band tickets and live through an experience so many have enjoyed, time and time again.

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