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Daft Punk Finally Gives Fans Something

Daft Punk Finally Gives Fans Something

Earlier this month, Daft Punk sent fans into a tizzy with the airing of a cryptic commmercial during "Saturday Night Live" (below). Since then, the world has been waiting to hear what's up next for the French techno duo.

Fitting enough, the news seemed to break just as weekend number two of Ultra Music Festival wrapped up in Miami.

The name and possible release date of Daft Punk's long-awaited release was posted on iTunes as part of the album's pre-sale. Keeping in true fashion of a long, drawn-out reveal, the only information given was the name, Random Access Memories, and the expected release date, May 21. 

While a spokesperson for the duo's new label, Columbia Records, nor their independent publicist, could be reached for comment, we're not surprised. We're quite sure Daft Punk knows what-- and when-- their next move will be. Until then, we'll be here waiting. Patiently.

There doesn't seem to be an official Twitter account for the duo just yet, but for now, you can follow @DaftPunkNews, which seems to be posting timely -- and what we believe to be accurate -- updates.

Catch up with a few of the latest tweets below:

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