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Throw the Big Shades On When Capital Cities is in Your Town

Throw the Big Shades On When Capital Cities is in Your Town

If you haven't heard of the 80's - meets Indie - meets a pinch of EDM - Capital Cities sound, you will soon. On Halloween night, the CT team got Hallo-weird with LA’s own Capital Cities, down at American Junkie, in Hermosa Beach. This night was straight up FUN, as we were up close and personal for this hilarious and special performance - with the band dressed up for Halloween, and the fans dressed up as none other than their favorite band on stage. Check out the four blondes in their Capital Cities (or is it Harry Caray?) shades. 

Dubbed as electro-pop-rock-dance, these beats kidnap your mind and transport you. For the entirety of the show, the music takes you into a time traveling dream-- a dream full of soulful melodies, 80s-twangs, hand claps and an occasional fist pump (or two).

At the sound of the first drum kick, you feel enlightened. It’s an immediate high; an immediate rush of excitement and joy to your heart. The words enthralling around you --

You could be my luck. Even in a hurricane of frowns, I know that we’ll be safe and sound.

You feel a youthful kick; quick butterflies begin to form in your stomach and a smile spreads across your face. And while the song plays, you really do feel safe and sound. For a brief moment, you feel as if you’ve been transported back to your childhood.

I could show you love. In a tidal wave of mystery, you’ll still be standing next to me.

You’re immediately giddy; you grab the faces and hands of your friends and loved ones around you, singing loud and proud, all while swaying with the happy dance beats.

The floor catches fire and the jazz-funk beat of ‘Kangaroo Court’ has everyone breaking out their finest deep body rolls and booty shakes. You can’t help but sing along as your eyes follow your arms, breaking at the elbows, as you purse your lips.

The simple lyrics of ‘I Sold My Bed, Not My Stereo’ suggest alternative-punk; the electric guitar hits hard as delicate voices breath in light hints of opera. You look up and see that everyone is hitting on beat.

Everyone is alive.

Capital Cities is not to be missed. Besides the group’s eclectic sound, each member radiates life and energy-- just look at their fun costume attire that night.

If you get the chance to see Capital Cities, don’t miss out. I promise you a phenomenal night. Here is their main jam on youtube, 'Safe & Sound'.

Otherwise listen to and download Capital Cities on Soundcloud. Stay up with the latest news on ConcertTickets.com. Also a big shout out to our good friend Erin for sharing her AWESOME photos and spreading the Capital Cities love. 

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