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Bon Jovi Announces New Album

Bon Jovi Announces New Album

Fans of the celebrated rock band Bon Jovi were excited to learn that the group’s professed hiatus will be cut short. Jon Bon Jovi sat down with CNBC in June to talk about his charity work and let slip, perhaps not so accidentally, that he has been hard at work on a new album. The record will drop in March 2013, with the first single released in January. From what the philanthropic rock star told his Squawk Box hosts, we gather the new material has some country twang to it.

Where We’ve Been

Bon Jovi’s last album, The Circle, opened at number one on the charts in 2009 and received widespread accolades from critics and fans alike. Praise was targeted at the band’s return to the purer form of rock they first became known for. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi partnered up with lead guitarist, Richie Sambora, for every track of the album. The pair also brought in other musicians, writers, and producers for certain tracks, including Billy Falcon, Darrell Brown, John Shanks, and Desmond Child.

After their massively successful world tour, Bon Jovi proclaimed they were taking a break from the music scene. However, after a busy couple of years serving the public with above-and-beyond charity work, the band returned to the studio and is on its way back to the stage, to the delight of the extremely solid Bon Jovi fan base all over the world.

Where We’re Going

Along with the new album, which shall remain nameless for the time being, fans are expecting a tour to follow as it always does. Tickets are expected to go on sale this December, with tour dates beginning in February, just before the album hits stores. In the meantime, fans of the group have at least one date to look forward to: September 22, at the MGM Garden Arena, where Bon Jovi will be joined onstage by Aerosmith and Taylor Swift for the iHeart Radio Music Festival. Check out ConcertTickets.com and be the first to pick up concert tickets for any and all of the upcoming Bon Jovi concerts. But keep a sharp eye out! We expect these shows will sell out even faster than they did for the Circle Tour!

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