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Bieber Fever in L.A.

Bieber Fever in L.A.

Last night, L.A. had Bieber Fever.

Boy, did they have it...and will continue to have it again tonight...baaaaad.

That's right, my friends. Leave it to teenage heart-throb Justin Bieber to turn our town completely upside-down, and send not just Beliebers into a frenzy, but downtown commuters into one, as well.

Aside from dismantling anything close to what a normal Monday night commute should be, the amount of buzz and coverage surrounding the Biebster -- both mainstream and socially -- has been downright overwhelming. If one didn't know better, one would have thought that Biebs was doing more than just his usual ditching of the white tee and strip down to those infamous Ralph Lauren undies -- and instead, that he had actually taken over the arena, declaring himself permanent resident, indefinitely.

All histeria and chaos aside, we love Biebs. More importantly, we love his fans. That's why we've scoured the Internet and collected a heafty sampling of tweets and #Belieber photos from tonight and last night's sold out show.

Check out a few of our favorites below. Think you've got the ultimate photo? Tweet it to us  at @_concerttickets, and we'll get it up here, too!

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