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August Review: Reggae on the Mountain

August Review: Reggae on the Mountain

On August 16th, we hit the Pacific Coast Highway and headed up -- via school bus -- to Topanga Canyon where the 5th Annual Reggae on the Mountain Music Festival was going down.

 Photo credit: Petrucci Justine

As soon as we stepped off our bus, the energy radiated around us and took over.

 Photo credit: Scott Moskowitz
Photo credit: Scott Moskowitz

You couldn't help but smile as we moved inside and made our way into the trees.
The incredible landscape filled with the friendliest performers, artists and music lovers.

When we needed to refuel, we stopped by Green Truck LA - a foodtruck serving sustainable, local, organic cuisine to the masses - for some incredible (and inexpensive!) Buffalo Tacos.

We loved the variety of vendors to satisfy appetites of many ages -- attendees ranged from toddlers to seniors.


Ending right before sunset, It was rasta-magical, mon!! ;)

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