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Amon Tobin Live: An Out of Body Experience!

Amon Tobin Live: An Out of Body Experience!

Blown Away

So, I got mindf#ucked by Amon Tobin last Friday night. We went to the Greek Theater to see him perform ISAM 2.0. This is the second and expanded version of his highly successful ISAM tour from last year. What a show!

It was not your typical EDM show, rather more of multi sensory 'experience'. I think this is the first show that I have ever been to where I sat down the entire time. Not because I was bored, rather because I was too mesmerized by the stunning sonic and visual performance to even move.

The Night

We rallied the crew in Venice and made the long trip down Pico and up Vermont to the famed Greek Theater. Side note - the place is beautiful. The people that live in the surrounding neighborhood are among the luckiest people in the world. When they are not using their season tickets to the venue, they can open their windows and hear live performances from some of the best artists in music echoing through their neighborhood every weekend.

The Performace

Anyway, for those of you that are not familiar with ISAM, the stage is a giant wall of seemingly randomly placed 3 dimensional squares, over which some of the most amazing computer visuals you will ever see are projected. Amon is hidden behind (inside?) the wall, sometimes revealing the DJ booth, so the crowd could see the brain that this brilliant madness was spilling from.

The show starts with and epic build into a stunning and very tightly synchronized audio/visual experience. The music starts very abstract and dissonant, lacking any real rhythm or melody. More of a soundtrack to the stunning visuals that are being shown on the stage.

Just when you start to tire of the dissonance of the music, the music begins to evolve. The rhythm gets a little tighter and the sound effects more melodic. The evolution continues, eventually culminating into a drum and bass like madness, still tightly synchronized to the also increasingly intense visuals. After a few hours and a few well deserved curtain calls, the house lights came on. All I can remember thinking is "Holy sh!t! Are we back on planet Earth now?"

ISAM live is truly an unbelievable show that I highly recommend you experience.

Peep some first hand footage from the show.

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