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Adventure Club destroys Exchange LA...on a Friday

Adventure Club destroys Exchange LA...on a Friday

A/C, A/C. How we're just straight up OBSESSED.

The first time? Electric Forest, 2012. And it was LOVE at first drop.

Years later, we now have to use both hands to count the number of times we've seen these guys. And every time, we're still beyond stoked, even more amped up than the time before.

Each show continues to bring something new, always something fresh, a new spin, a different flow. Even when we saw them just a couple weeks apart in different cities, these guys pulled out a completely different set than the one just two weeks prior.

And their Superheroes mixtapes are simply BAD ASS.

Exchange LA was no different. The club was completely packed. A SOLD OUT show. And we were lucky enough to get after it uptop in VIP, with a birds-eye view. 

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