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A Krewella Krunch at the Avalon

A Krewella Krunch at the Avalon

Friday night, we made the trek out from Venice to Hollywood, and found ourselves at the Avalon for night number one of our double-rage weekend.

The show kicked-off with RUN DMT. A name new to me, I was an immediate fan, letting their beats take over my every muscle as I bounced hard alongside my crew. Started as an experiment in sonic hyperbole by two Austin based electronic music producers, Lemiwinks and Parson, RUN DMT has been compared to “a collision between a sun and a white dwarf, a creative explosion sending infinite shockwaves through the universe,” and is said to be “an avalanche of sound taking over the world one set of eardrums at a time.”

We certainly couldn’t agree more. And the best part? They show no signs of stopping.

Before we knew it, RUN DMT was transitioning off. It was time for Flosstradamus, the Chicago-based DJs J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci). Seamlessly, the energy and the bass continued to thrust as the beats slowly started to scream hip-hop. It was clear everyone was jacked, especially by the sporadic mini push-pits breaking out on the dance floor. Despite a more youthful crowd full of many “ragers” straddling the legal side of the law, the party inside the Avalon was going strong - and we weren’t close to quieting down.

Then, we heard it. The familiar beat of ‘Killin’ It’ began to hit the speakers. The house lights dropped even more and the neon stage lights suddenly hit a new level. Fresh from Chicago, the dubstep-trio made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, and Rain Man (aka Kris Trindl), were then behind the turntables. From the second they took the stage, Krewella owned it playing hits like “Alive” and “Come and Get It.” Aside from the continuous flow of beats blasting out and encompassing my body, I was particularly impressed by sisters Jahan and Yasmine. From time to time, I found myself watching them, mesmerized in a sense, as they jumped and thrusted their arms in the air, singing loud at the crowd. They had so much energy, and I was proud to see fellow females rock it like that. Until just before 3 AM, Krewella killed it, giving dubstep fans inside the Avalon exactly what they wanted on this Control LA Friday.

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